Top 10 Things to do in The Bahamas

Greetings from…The Bahamas! Jk I’m not currently in the Bahamas, although I seriously wish I was! I miss that clear, turquoise water. Our trip back in December was mostly relaxation, with a few fun excursions sprinkled in, so I don’t have a full...
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Current Beauty Favs

Dreaming of our dream home

Omied and I have been living in San Francisco for 7.5 years. Call it the seven year itch, but as much as we love the city, we’re starting to get a bit antsy and are feeling like we’ll be ready to leave soon. I love San Francisco, but lately I’ve been...
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Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar During my recent trip to the Bahamas, we stayed at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in Nassau. This resort feels like a Bahamian mix of Vegas and Disneyland. There’s the glitzy casino, sprawling property with activities, shops, and like seven pools....
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