Top 10 Florence Sights

Florence was my favorite city in Italy that we visited! It’s so beautiful and has such a rich art culture and history (thanks in part to the powerful and wealthy Medici family living there and loving and collecting Renaissance art). I was able to spend almost a...
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Current Beauty Favs

Airbnbs in Rome: Top 10 Best Rome Airbnbs

While I’m sure there are great hotels in Rome, Rome is the perfect city to rent an Airbnb in so you can really get that neighborhood vibe. Trust me, after spending all day in super crowded areas surrounded by tourists, a comfortable and quiet Airbnb all to...
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Fourth of July Champagne Bucket

Fourth of July Champagne Bucket I adore the Fourth of July—of course for the festive red, white, and blue outfits—but also because it provides an excuse to hide teeny sparklers everywhere. You won’t have trouble finding red, white, and blue appetizers, or even star...
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Where to Stay in Belize: Cotton Tree Lodge

So excited to share photos from our trip to Belize! Belize was a country that wasn’t particularly high on our list of places to visit, but when the Cotton Tree Lodge invited us out, we thought we’d better go. And we’re so glad that we did! It’s a beautiful country and...
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10 Homemade Summer Jams to Make

Summer is almost here! That means easy recipes, picnic lunches + dinners, and having fun with summer fruits and vegetables in the form of summer jams. I have loved sharing recipes the past few weeks with you and wanted to share some delicious summer jams that would be...
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