November, Instagrammed

Oh, November. You were so sweet but went by so quickly. We squeezed in a couple trips to LA and Napa, and of course spent some time with family for Thanksgiving. Even though the last day of fall isn’t technically until December 21st, I am full on ready for...
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October, Instagrammed

Woah, woah, woah. November already? Not entirely sure where October (or 2018, really) has gone. October went by so fast because I was traveling for most of it, with a quick trip to Carmel, a week in Arizona, and a volunteer trip to Peru! Find me on Insta, @wtfab. So...
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September Instagram Fashion

Super not sure how it could possibly be October already, but here we are! Most of my September was spent focused on prepping for and executing events at Grace Hopper, the largest women in computing conference in the world. Captions read clockwise, starting with the...
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New York | Napa | Wine Country | Trips | August Instagram Fashion featured by popular San Francisco fashion blogger What The Fab

August Instagram Fashion

I can’t believe summer is winding down and PSLs are back! Suddenly it’s about to be fall, which means it’s basically the holidays, which means the year is pretty much over. Totally not panicking about where the year went. 😆 I spent most of August...
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July, Instagram Fashion featured by popular San Francisco fashion blogger WTFab

July, Instagram Fashion

I don’t know why, but at work the other day I randomly got super excited about Christmas. Is that weird? Find me on Insta, @wtfab. July, Instagram Fashion: Hawaii Instagram Fashion: On our first day in Maui we went to Honolua Bay, one of our favorite spots, to...
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