The Commissary

We’ve been wanting to try The Commissary for a while (it first opened in 2014), but since it’s located on the opposite side of the city from us, we hadn’t made our way up to the Presidio for dinner until just recently. I’m so glad we made the...
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Frozen Watermelon Recipe

We’re doing one last summery recipe post because it’s still technically summer for a couple more weeks! And it definitely doesn’t feel like fall yet in the Bay Area. I LOVE watermelon. And it’s such a refreshing treat. It’s absolutely...
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Lavender Frozé Recipe

Remember a few years ago when frozé was a new thing and it became uber popular and trendy and every rooftop bar that was worth a damn served it?? Those were the days, my friend. Even though frozé isn’t necessarily as trendy now, I’m still delighted...
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Passion Fruit Drink Recipe

Most people think passion fruit sounds super exotic. Like you couldn’t possibly be able to enjoy it at home, and the only way to consume it is going to a far off tropical place. But I’m about to blow your mind: most grocery stores carry it (try looking...
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