Passion Fruit Drink Recipe

Most people think passion fruit sounds super exotic. Like you couldn’t possibly be able to enjoy it at home, and the only way to consume it is going to a far off tropical place. But I’m about to blow your mind: most grocery stores carry it (try looking...
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Strawberry Popsicle Recipe

Even though all the fashion bloggers are talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and fall boots, we’ve still got over a month and a half left of summer! Take full advantage and stay cool with this strawberry popsicle recipe. These popsicles are super easy...
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Hot Chocolate Stirring Spoons

We received these sweet little silver spoons as a wedding gift (so many of my favorite things are antique treasures) but recently I was excited to repurpose them for a tea-time treat. These chocolate paired with hot milk to make hot chocolate, or stirred into your...
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Morning Espresso with illy

Y’all know I love coffee. My mornings are just not complete without enjoying some kind of coffee first thing to start my day. Like, it’s a non-negotiable. ☕️  I recently got to attend a fun event with illy at their flagship caffè on Montgomery St, where they have a...
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Coconut Oil Coffee

You’re probably wondering, how can I incorporate coconut oil into my coffee? Well, if you’ve heard of bulletproof coffee where you add butter to your coffee, coconut oil coffee is kinda like that, but better. I love the coziness of a hot drink, and I love...
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