Newly Opened Restaurant: Pearl, San Francisco by popular San Francisco style, WTFab

Newly Opened Restaurant: Pearl, San Francisco

Pearl, San Francisco I love checking out new restaurants in the city, and I recently got to attend a media preview event for the newly opened Pearl, San Francisco restaurant in the Richmond. This cute spot was opened by the folks who brought you Pizetta. The co-chefs...
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Here comes the sun

We’ve been having some beautiful weather in San Francisco and I’m so excited that the temperatures are finally starting to warm up! Although it is San Francisco, which means the temp can also drop back down to chilly pretty quickly, but I’m loving...
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Millennial Pink

Currently just loving this pink lace top! I used to really stray away from wearing pink, because I felt like it was too girly or overly feminine. But with the rise of millennial pink and blush tones, I haven’t been avoiding it as intentionally as I used to, and...
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Girl’s Best Friend

This past weekend I spent Sunday in Sonoma wine tasting, and it was absolutely lovely! It was slightly warmer there than it has been in chilly San Francisco, so I was excited to wear this pretty, blush dress. This dress is really stretchy and comfortable, but...
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