A Coterie Picnic

As soon as it starts to warm up in San Francisco, my first inclination is to head to Dolores park to have a picnic with friends and enjoy the weather! We’ve had a really long and rainy winter, so we’ve all been itching for the sun to come out so we can get...
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SPIN SF Lately my family has gotten really into ping pong. Like, up til 2am playing, trash talking, and shouting, into ping pong. Over the holidays my mom and dad on a whim decided to clean up the garage and pull out their old ping pong table when everyone was over,...
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Palm Springs Desert Outfit

I visited Palm Springs for the first time earlier this year, and of course I had to shoot with the iconic windmills! We were also running around checking out all of the Desert X art installations. The art installations are over now, but hopefully they’ll be back...
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