Affordable Egg Chairs: 8 Dupes for the Target Egg Chair

Ok, I have legit been low-key stalking the Opalhouse Southport Patio Egg Chair—aka, that Target Egg Chair you keep seeing all over Instagram and TikTok!

Basically ever since our offer on our new house was accepted, I’ve been researching furniture every day until I’d go cross-eyed. And I am majorly excited about finally having some outdoor space and a backyard, so I’ve definitely been spending a lot of time clicking through cute outdoor patio furniture.

8 affordable egg chairs, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

When I came across Southport Patio Egg Chair on Target, I was all heart eye emoji over it. But it’s been out of stock for over a month. Womp, womp. Que frequency bias and I started seeing this egg chair everywhere. It was like it was taunting me on Pinterest, Instagram, home decor blogs, and TikTok.

Well, during one of my now frequent checks on the Target website today, I saw that the linen color for the Southport Patio Egg Chair is back in stock! Soo you better believe I clicked “Ship It.” I think it’s going to look so freaking good in our backyard!

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Since this particular egg chair has been going in and out of stock since lord knows when (my guess is since April—warm weather combined with everyone staying home and making their patio porch look cute), it’s likely going to go out of stock again.

So in case you’re looking for an alternative egg-shaped chair, or just don’t want to shell out $500 for this one and you’re looking for more affordable egg chairs, I’ve put together this list of egg chairs with a very similar vibe for you!

After all the egg chair stalking and research I’ve done over the last month, I think I’m somewhat of an expert. An egg chair connoisseur, if you will. Someone should take advantage of this useless knowledge in my head right now. Let’s hope that someone is you. ?

Affordable Egg Chairs

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