Cute Adult Inflatable Pools: Where to Find Them (in Stock)

Cute adult inflatable pools, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Summer 2020 looks a whole lot different than any other summer. No vacays or beaches for me. Since everyone is staying home this summer (or should be), I get why adult inflatable pools have become so popular this year!

Particularly the really cute and aesthetically pleasing adult inflatable pools from Minnidip have been crazy popular and gracing your Instagram feeds. They are sold out almost everywhere—I’ve looked. You can find them on Amazon right now, but it’s going to cost you a good $40 more. Fortunately, I’ve found them on eBay for much more reasonable prices!

Cute adult inflatable pools, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I ordered mine back in June from Urban Outfitters (now completely sold out) when I saw that they were back-ordered but would be available later this summer. It finally arrived early August, lol. But we have been freaking loving it!

Last weekend we inflated our pool, made some drinks, played Hawaiian music, and closed our eyes pretending were on vacation with those summer waves crashing around us and palm trees swaying. Honestly, it was pretty heavenly. 10/10, would recommend.

Btw, Minnidip inflatable swimming pools are not your average kiddie pool. These are like legit adult inflatable pools and so, so cute and aesthetically pleasing. I opted for the cute pink blushing palms inflatable pool, but they also make other fun prints like watermelon and palm leaves.

When we bought our house I was kinda feeling like the one thing missing was a pool. But getting an adult inflatable pool is kinda the best solution ever because we don’t have to pay for maintenance and we don’t have a pool taking up most of our backyard. It’s not like I’d be swimming laps if we had a real pool—I’d be floating around with a drink in my hand enjoying a refreshing dip, which I can 100% do in my Minnidip inflatable pool.

Cute adult inflatable pools, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Besides the oh-so-cute Minnidip pools, here are a couple other adult inflatable pool options that I’ve found in stock online:

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool – I’ve seen Swim Center inflatable pools around on the internets a lot and they have great reviews. The minnidip ones are so stinking cute, but these ones would actually fit several adults comfortably. This type of inflatable family pool is probably more ideal if you’re going to have more than two people enjoying the pool. There are a bunch of different Intex family inflatable swimming pool styles, including:

Intex Swim Center Inflatable family lounge pool

Intex Swim Center Paradise Inflatable Pool

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool

The Sable inflatable pool also has a really similar look and feel.

These Intex Swimming Pools are probably the least ugly above ground pools that I’ve been able to find. 😂

If you’re buying a large inflatable pool, you’re definitely going to want to buy both an air pump and a filter/drain pump. The air pump makes it easy to inflate and deflate your pool, and the filter pump drains the water out of your pool and drains it slowly so that you don’t overwhelm your lawn or drainage system. Your inflatable pool gets very heavy when it’s full of water and you won’t be able to move it, so having a draining system is important!

This was prob my favorite purchase of 2020 (besides our house, lol). And while we’re not having any big get-togethers or parties this year, a summer water party for two in our new inflatable pool is pretty sweet.

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