Strawberry Popsicle Recipe

strawberry popsicle recipe

Even though all the fashion bloggers are talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and fall boots, we’ve still got over a month and a half left of summer! Take full advantage and stay cool with this strawberry popsicle recipe. These popsicles are super easy to make, and you can swap in your favorite fruits. Maybe even go nuts and layer with a couple different fruits, like strawberries AND blueberries (so cute for a Labor Day or 4th of July celebration!). Not only are these strawberry popsicles easy to make with very little prep time, they’re also dairy-free and refined-sugar free, making them a healthier option on a hot day than ice cream.

If you have time to take these frozen treats to the next level, make your own cashew milk by blending 1 cup cashes and 3 cups of water on high for a couple minutes—this of course works best with a powerful blender. This will make your strawberry cream popsicles extra creamy and yummy. I also love to add some crispy freeze-dried strawberries at the end to what will become the bottom of the popsicle once you flip it. It adds a nice, chewy texture. And if you’re not able to find really good, fresh strawberries, you can always sub them in this recipe for freeze-dried strawberries.


Strawberry Popsicle Recipe


  • 10 strawberries, washed and quartered
  • 2 cups cashew milk
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla bean paste
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • Optional: freeze dried strawberries
  • Popsicle molds
  • Popsicle sticks


  1. Muddle the strawberries then divide into your popsicle molds.
  2. Combine the cashew milk, maple syrup, vanilla bean paste, and salt in a blender and blend for 10 seconds.
  3. Pour the cashew milk mixture over popsicles.
  4. Optional: sprinkle crushed freeze-dried strawberries over the tops of each mold, then add sticks and freeze.


Recipe by guest contributor Lindsay Kinder, of Food La La. Photography by Erica Garlieb.

strawberry popsicle recipe strawberry popsicle recipe

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  1. cate

    girl, they look so yummy!! and perfect for this hot season – i’ve seen you’ve been to le cinque terre so you know how hot gets here in italy!!(:

    Cate // 35mminstyle


      Yesss, perfect for summer! And ohh I miss Cinque Terre so much! These popsicles would be perfect to enjoy there. 🙂

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