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Curology review by blogger What The Fab

Finding the right skincare routine for yourself can be really hard. I know I’ve done a lot of trial and error to figure out which beauty products work for me and that my skin reacts well to. And the “error” part of the trial and error is always the worst. Like, hi extra breakouts that I really didn’t need in my life. 🤦🏻‍♀️

That’s why I was so excited to be introduced to Curology, a personalized skincare service that formulates acne and skincare products specifically for you, based on your skin’s needs. Whatever your skin concerns are, your custom formula can also be adjusted to focus on exactly what your skin needs. You can also adjust the formula for preventing/treating fine lines, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation with prescription-grade retinoids. Everything is accessible online, and your superbottle arrives right at your doorstep. You start by filling out a quiz about your skin. For me, I used to have acne in high school but fortunately don’t have bad acne any more. I do, however, get hormonal acne occasionally, and because of my acne in high school I have some scarring and don’t currently love the texture of my skin. I took the quiz and checked off boxes, and then was paired with a dermatology provider (mine was Susie—thanks Susie!) who analyzed my skin history, current regimen, and skin goals to create a custom formula for my skin. When my package arrived, I was so excited to start using my custom formula.

My superbottle contained Azelaic Acid (4%), which I’ve learned is not only used to treat acne but also redness and rosacea. There’s also Clindamycin (1%) to help keep bacteria on my skin at bay, as well as Niacinimide (4%), also known as vitamin B3, that works with the natural substances in your skin to help improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, and dullness. Bingo! All three of these ingredients sounded like they targeted exactly what I needed help with, and I never would have heard of them if it wasn’t for Curology.

I don’t know of any other company that creates custom skincare products, and for Curology to offer them at such an affordable price is pretty amazing. Even going to a dermatologist likely isn’t going to get you this level of customized product—in the past I’ve been prescribed the same ol’ products by dermatologists after they looked at my skin for five seconds. I remember one that actually laughed at me when I showed her my cystic acne on my chin that was huge and seemed to pop up every time I got my period. Can you imagine being laughed at by a dermatologist?? It was such a horrible feeling. But with Curology there’s no doctor’s visits or copays, and there’s a real provider who takes the time to go through your quiz and photos and put together the perfect superbottle just for you. 🙌🏼

You can try it out with your first bottle with your very own custom formula FREE (just $4.95 shipping + handling). I’ve noticed that my skin’s texture and pigmentation has improved after just a few weeks of use, and I can’t wait to see more progress after continuing with my custom formula. Be sure to check out some of the before/after photos and personal stories from people who have tried Curology—they’re incredible!  

Thank you to Curology for sponsoring this post.

Curology review by blogger What The FabCurology review by blogger What The FabCurology review by blogger What The Fab

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