You feel like Brooklyn in the summer

The whole time we were walking around Brooklyn, I couldn’t help but sing, You feel like Brooklyn in the summer. 🎶 Which apparently feels hot and humid AF and actually not all that enjoyable if your body is used to really mild summers. I was melting. But we still managed to have a fun, sweaty Brooklyn day exploring.

This might sound weird, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn sneakers with a dress before. I know it’s a super trendy look right now, but I guess I just thought it was one that I couldn’t pull off. Until I got to the point where we had been walking so much in New York, that I was like screw it, the thought of wearing sandals or flats for another 10 hour day of walking just about brings me to tears, so I’m wearing sneakers with my dress and I don’t even care how it looks. Plus, I figured that I could be wearing a sack, but adding in this gorgeous Chanel bag from Bag Borrow or Steal would make any outfit look put together. Turns out, I actually ended up really liking this outfit and getting several compliments on it (both online and IRL). Which has left me sitting here wondering why I haven’t worn sneaks with dresses on my travels more often, because damn is that shit comfy. Be prepared to see a lot more outfit posts with sneaker + dress combos. 😂

Theory Dress // Chanel Bag (c/o Bag Borrow or Steal) // Nike Shoes // Ray-Ban Sunglasses

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