In the nude

I’m not really missing China, but am missing the sense of adventure that comes with traveling in a foreign country. So I’m wearing a bunch of the jewelry pieces I got in Beijing. Each one has a special memory—the crazy pearl market in Beijing, bargaining at the flea market, and my boyfriend buying me a gorgeous jadeite bracelet at the jade factory (that I’m in love with).

I wish I had a backpack like this one from Samantha Mary when I was a college student. It would have been a lot more fashionable than the silver Jansport backpack I was rocking. I love that it’s roomy enough for my laptop, without being bulky, and while still being super cute. I feel like Samantha Mary’s bags, that all have the the goal of achieving a cute bag that can carry your techie stuff, is perfect for a tech-driven city like San Francisco.


  1. / 4:57 am

    Haha, thank you! Your comment just made me realize how loonnnng it's gotten. Been a while since I've trimmed it!

  2. Anonymous
    / 9:24 am

    Any clue where i can find a silver jansport? Dying to get my hands on one.

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